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Staudacher S600F
Jon Staudacher's Newest Design
The Staudacher S600F is a new design (2003) based on the earlier S300 and S600 aerobatic airplanes. The goal is to create an unlimited capable aerobatic monoplane with enhanced cross country utility.

The S600F has two seats and dual controls. The front cockpit can be equipped as complete as the rear cockpit. The design incorporates a very streamlined composite shell over most of the tubular fuselage. Attached flow should be achieved over a much greater area than earlier planes for greater speed and less yaw in turbulence. Appearance is also much better.

In addition to the traditional baggage area in the turtle deck, the S600F has a second baggage area just aft of the fire wall, between and above the passengers legs. A lot of weight can be carried here as it is very close to the C.G.

All fuel is carried in the wings with a fuselage mounted, gravity fed header tank. There is no fuel selector, just an on-off valve.

A roll bar, just aft of the passenger, will provide increased safety. Tail feathers are, as always, fabric covered and wire braced.

   Jon Staudacher

2004 Staudacher S600F, N603SA, Serial Number 30
2004 Staudacher S600F, N252CW, Serial Number 31 | Webmaster